Haley Thomas



About Me!

Fun Facts:

-Born and raised in Dallas, Texas! ✌🏻

- Favorite Movie: Goodfellas (sweet spot for MAFIA movies)

- Trained for on camera work 

-Love travel & learning about the world  ✈️

-optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate ❤️

-Animal lover 🐕

-Graduating in May of 2021 from MSU's BFA Professional Actor Training Program


        Why Performing?

- I love everything that has to do with people, society, and culture.

- Collaborating with people, playing them, and discovering new stories is beautiful to me 

- Every perspective of a story is worth exploring. 

- Film opens peoples eyes to ideas, stories, and perspectives they might have not been aware of before.

"me as a little nugget"
Plans to move after Graduation 


Acting Reel 2021